Saturday, June 26, 2010

vintage 1981 black sabbath mob rules tour 3qtr shirt (sold)

a piece of metal history.
must have item for all vintage shirt's collectors
not my private stock..just got this shirt from my latest hunting.
superb mint condition
tight collar
the knits 50/50 tag
50/50 cotton poly material
pit to pit 20 inch
length from back collar to end curve 26.5 inch

price RM 450 (sold)
original market price above RM 550
value for this shirt is higher than iron maiden 3qtr shirt.but i'm selling this shirt at a low price just to let some people have the feel to own a megapiece off legendary bands shirt.many people willing to buy iron maiden above rm500 but refused to get this shirt at the same prize.wut's happening?this band established before iron maiden and other uk's metal band.this band also playing an important role in uk's metal act.together with led zeppelin and deep purple,they are the blue key to new wave of british heavy metal(nwobhm).this was the main reason why b.sabbath's shirt are higher in value than iron maiden.many new collectors didn't realize this situation.within the year 1985,1984 and below..iron maiden shirts were produced in larger quantity than b.sabbath's shirt which means that iron maiden shirt's are easier to get rather than b.sabbath's shirts.

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