Sunday, March 21, 2010

vintage motley crue 1985 theater of pain 3/4 qtr t shirt (sold)

50/co cotton poly material
great mint condition
pit to pit = 20 inch
lenght from back collar to center curve = 26.5 inch
1985 copyright

price Rm 350(sold)

vintage 1985 dio sacred heart world tour 1985 t/s (sold)

1985 copyright
tag = screen stars
pit to pit 19.5 inch
length from back collar to bottom = 25.5 inch
condition = 95%
great mint condition..
no holes,rip,tear,stain

price RM 2xx (sold)

vintage deadstock cinderella love the youth 1988 t/s

1988 copyright
never wash/worn item
50/50 cotton poly material
pit to pit 19.5 inch
length from back collar to bottom 25.5 inch

price RM 220

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

vintage 198 metallica alcohollica 50/50 ringer t/s (sold)

blank on back
very rare piece design
wish to letgo this shirt
my own collection for 5 years
original 1985 copyright
no tag since i bought this shirt
pit to pit 19.5 inch
length from collar to bottom 26 inch
condition 95%
look like new

line up from left...cliff burton,james hetfield,lars ulrich,kirk hammett

price Rm (sold)

vintage 92/93 ac milan jersey

original 1992 93 ac milan jersey
m size
condition 95%

they became serie a champion for this season
with the lineup of
ruud gullit
paolo maldini
jean pierre papin
roberto donadoni
demetrio albertini
frank rijkaard
filippo galli
marco van basten
marco simone
enzo gambaro
sebastiano rossi
zvonimir boban
danielle massaro

coach= fabio capello

price RM 150

vintage 1980's fred perry training jacket (sold)

100% acrylic
condition = 95%
size m
made in england

harga RM (sold)

vintage 1980's adidas atp keyrolan training jacket

made in usa
1980's era
condition 95%
size m/l

harga RM 130

vintage patagonia sling traveller bag 50 litre (sold)

size = 50 litre
zip ykk usa
condition 95%

price RM (sold)

maaf kepada semua pelanggan yg sms

salam semua...

maaf kepada semua yg sms/call saya tapi tak dapat bermula khamis lalu..saya pulang ke kampung nenek di sik,kedah kerana nenek sedang nazak dan meninggal pada pagi khamis tersebut.kebetulan rumah nenek berada di kawasan pedalaman dan tiada network coverage..jadi agak sukar membalas semua sms yg dihantar.terpaksa keluar ke pekan/jalan besar untuk mendapatkan network coverage..dan terdapat bebrapa barang yg tak dapat di poskan minggu lepas..berjutaan maaf buat semua..semua item akan dihantar mulai besok kerana baru saja sampai di rumah...maaf juga kerana kurang item yg akan di upload.tak sempat nak gi nyelam.item yg akan di upload adalah item simpanan..sekali lagi berjutaan maaf buat semua

Monday, March 8, 2010

vintage rolling stone sold out tour 1981 3 qtr raglan jersey t shirt (sold)

pit to pit 19.5 inch
length till end curve = 27 inch
50/50 cotton poly material (dada pasir)
1981 copyright
beatiful mint condition

price RM 350 (sold)

vintage dark angel 1991/92 years of pain tour t shirt (sold)

91/92 tour t shirt
tag= cci
made in france
single stitched
pit to pit 19 inch
length from back collar to bottom = 25.5 inch

price = RM ?????? (sold)

vintage led zeppelin physical graffiti 1988

rare vintage led zeppelin t shirt
1988 copyright
single stitched
pit to pit 20 inch
length from back collar to bottom 2 inch
condition 90%

price RM 150

undercover x cdg shoes

this is a very old undercover cdg shoes pair
this design produced more than 5 years ago
got a pair like this before on 2005
insole tag missing.
size is around 8/9 uk
condition 95%
superb condition

price rm 220

gregory sling bag (booked)

made in usa
ykk usa zip
have side pocket
condition 95%
size = 30 litre

price RM 180 (booked)

porter international sling bag (booked)

made in japan
2 big compartment with many small compartment
suitable for class/ office use
size = 15 litre
material= parachute cloth

price RM 180 (booked)

dunhill sling bag (sold)

made in france
very elegant look
size = 10/15 litre
condition = 95%

price RM (sold)

porter sling bag (sold)

made in japan
many small compartment inside
condition 95%
material = parachute cloth
size = 15 litre

price RM 150 (sold)